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How do I search for items in Elevate K-12 Analytics?


The Elevate K-12 Analytics Toolbar includes a global search function that allows you to search for visuals, watchlists, or data explorations. Global search also displays a list of recent and popular search items.

Open Global Search

In the Toolbar, click the Search icon.

Search Analytics Database

Serch Database

To search your institution's database, enter a word, title, or part of a title in the Search field [1]. Global Search returns results as soon as you enter a character in the field.

The Search page also displays links to visuals you have recently viewed in Elevate K-12 Analytics [2] and frequently viewed visuals [3].

View Search Results

View Search Results

By default the search displays all items that match your search [1]. However, to view matching charts and dashboards only, click the Visuals tab [2]. To view matching watchlists click the Watchlists tab [3]. To view matching data explorations, click the Explorations tab [5].

Open Search Result

Open Search Result

To view a search result item, click an item name.

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