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Requesting Graphics


ItemLogic's workflow provides support for procuring graphics from illustrators inside of your organization. Illustrators work on your graphics in a manner similar to a production line, and you receive notifications when your graphics are ready for review. You may also request changes to the graphics before placing them inside of your content.

Request Graphics for an Item

If you need a graphic for an individual item (or set of items):

Create your item within the editor with placeholder text in place of your graphic [1]. Select the Media tab [2].

Click the New Request button.

In the New Media Request window, enter information to provide the media specifications to the designer.

Click the Send Request button to submit your order.

View Order Details

View Order Form Details

You can view your request in the Media tab. Click to open the order.

The original specifications are listed in the Specifications field [1]. To make changes, you can edit the specifications

Illustrator comments display in the Comments field [2].

Request Media for Your Passages

Request Media for Your Passages

To request media for a passage, select the passage. Then click the Actions menu [1] and select the Media Requests option [2].

Send Media Request

Send Media Request

Fill out the New Media Request form [1].

When ready, click the Send Request button [2].

Respond to Media Requests

Respond to Media Requests

You may be able to view all media requests in your organization. In the Navigation Bar, click the Settings icon [1] and select the Media Requests option [2].

Start Graphic Order

Start Graphic Order

To view a new media request, locate the request and click the request name.

Note: To create the graphic, use your graphic editing tool of choice and save it to your computer.

Submit Media for Review

Submit Media for Review

From the media request, you can upload your completed graphic. Click the Upload New Proof link [1].

Your uploaded graphic displays in the Proofs section [2].

When ready, click the Submit for Review button [3].

Approve Media

Respond to Media Requests

You can view pending media requests for your institution. Click the Settings icon [1] and select the Media Requests option [2].

Open Media Submissions

To view requests that need approval, click the Submitted for Review tab and click to open a request.

View Media Submission

Submissions display in the Proofs section [1]. If adjustments are needed, add comments in the Comments field [2]. Your illustrator will receive an email notification with your comments and requested updates.

To approve a proof, click the checkbox next to each proof [3]. Then click the Approve Selected Proofs button [4].

Close Order

Close the graphic order.

Using a Graphic in Your Item

Using a Graphic in Your Item

All graphics that are created via the graphic request form are available in the item editor Image tab. You can also find images in the text editor Graphics tab. Once approved, you may use these graphics in any item or passage you choose.

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