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Scoring Rubrics


A scoring rubric provides information for manually scoring an item response based on certain criteria. In ItemLogic you can add rubrics by entering scores and criteria per item, selecting rubric templates provided for your group, or uploading your own supplemental external file.

Adding a Rubric to Your Item

To add a scoring rubric to an item, click the Item Editor Add icon and select the Rubric option.

Select a point value from the drop-down list [1] and enter the criteria [2].

Click the Add Point button [3].

Repeat this process until you've added all necessary point values.

Add Multiple Criteria to a Point Value

Add Multiple Criteria to a Point Value

You can add multiple criteria to the same point value.

Use Rubric Templates

Use Rubric Templates

At the Publisher and Bank levels, you may create and store rubric templates. Once created, you can select and add a rubric template to an item.

To view available templates, click the Import Template link. Select an item by clicking the checkbox next to the rubric item [1].

To add the rubric template, click the Submit button [2].

Note: Once added to your item, you can edit rubric templates.

Add Supplemental Files

In the event adding a text-based rubric does not fully support your item's scoring requirements, you can upload attachments to the rubric.

In the footer of the scoring rubric element, click the Add Attachment option.

Click the link to select files from your hard drive.

Click the Upload button.

The rubric appears at the bottom.

Add Rubric/Notes for Item Parts

Add Rubric/Notes for Item Parts

When you add a stem element, the Scoring Rubric/Notes section displays. Click to add any rubric or notes in the text field.

To view a video on adding rubrics, refer to Training Videos.

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