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Reviewing an Item


If you have permission to review items, other people in your organization may author items that require you to review them and either approve or reject the items.

Once an item is reviewed, the item owner can view your approval or rejection and any comments and move the item along in its life cycle to a new item status if appropriate.

To view a video on this topic, refer to Training Videos.

Locate Items to Review

To review an item, locate the item in the item listing. It may have a "In Review" status symbol.

Or to see all items needing your review, click the Items icon on the navigation bar, and choose Needs Approval.

Click the item title to open it in the Markup editor. You may want to click the Preview tab to see the item the way a student would.

Open the Reviews Tab

Click the Reviews tab [1]. Any users and/or committees assigned to review the item are listed. Click the Vote button [2] to the right of your user name or the committee to which you belong.

Choose a Vote

Choose to Approve (thumbs-up) or Reject (thumbs-down) or No Vote (?).

Your vote is recorded and you have reviewed the item.

Add Comments

You may also wish to use the Comments tab to make general comments about the item, or make comments on the Markup tab if the comments are particular to the item stem or the answer choices.

Enter a comment and click Add Comment.

If you want a particular user to receive a notification of a comment, you can type "@" followed by the user name.

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