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Viewing Assessment Standards


When you create an assessment and add items to it, ItemLogic keeps track of any items that are aligned to standards. Most often, assessments are aligned to standards in a particular standards organization. ItemLogic allows you to select a standards group/organization and shows you how many items in the assessment are aligned to standards in that group. 

To see information on the standards to which the items in an assessment are aligned:

  1. Click the Globe icon on the top navigation menu, and choose a workspace.
  2. Select the Assessments panel from the left.
  3. Click on an assessment.
  4. Select the Standards panel.

Make selections from the three drop-down menus on the left to select a standards group by identifying a Curriculum, a Curriculum Subject, and a Curriculum Course.

The Standard Alignments section now shows the number of items aligned to this group and to which standards. In the example shown below, the five-item assessment has four items aligned to this standards group. The percentages indicate the percentage of items aligned to the specific standard of this group. In the example below for instance, 50% of the items aligned to Common Core (Mathematics) Grade 2 are aligned to standard MD.C.8.  

Getting More Details

To see a listing of the items, click on the number of items [1], or to see more details about the standard, click on the standard (such as MD.C.8) [2].

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