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User Privileges


When you are adding a new user or editing a user account, you can change the privileges, roles, and permissions the user has. This article outlines the details of the available privileges, roles, and permissions.

Privileges may be assigned to a user at either the Client or Bank level. Privileges applied at the Client level apply to all banks owned by the Client. Best practice is to assign lower-level privileges to all users at the Client level, then more specific, higher-level privileges at the bank level.

Available Privileges Privileges Work

The following table describes privileges available to users:

View Items User may view items in a bank.
Rate Items User may rate and comment on items in a bank.
Create Items User may author new items in a bank.
Review Items User may review items. See Reviewing Items for more information.
Fulfill Graphic Requests User is responsible for fulfilling requests for graphics created by other item authors.

User Roles and Permissions

Instead of granting individual privileges to a user, you may give more generic roles to a user:

Standard User User is not granted any privileges by default.
Developer User is granted all privileges listed above. Suitable for higher-level item administrators (project managers, content specialists).
Administrator User is granted all privileges listed above, and may alter or grant privileges to other users.
Restricted User User can only browse item banks.
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