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Adding Media as Contexts


A Context is material that appears alongside an item during a test administration. Types of contexts are resources such as passages, graphics, audio, and video. You may add as a context a resource that already exists in your item bank, or you may upload new resources.

To view a video on "Adding a Resource as a Context," refer to Training Videos.

Adding a Context

In the Contexts section of the item editor, click Edit.

A window appears, showing you all of the various resources in your item bank. Select one and click Select Resources.

Create a New Passage

If the resource you'd like as a context in your item does not appear, you can create a new passage by clicking Actions, and then New Passage.

Enter the text of the passage.

Enter all necessary information about the passage. Then click Save Passage.

Your resource now appears on the Search tab in the Select Resources window.

Select the resource(s) and click Select Resources.

View the Context

Your resource appears in the item editor as a context above the stem prompt [1].

To preview control the order of the context, preview it, or delete it, use the icons to the right of the context [2].

Preview Item

Preview the item to see how the context and item appear together.

View Context
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