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Adding Equations


Some items require you to enter equations or mathematical expressions into the item. You can use the Equation Editor, or you can add inline equations using LaTex.

Open Equation Editor

Open Equation Editor

When adding an item element, click the Equation tab [1], then click the Equation Editor link [2].

View Equation Editor

View Equation Editor

ItemLogic uses LaTeX to typeset equations. To use a template, select an option in the Templates section [1]. You can use multiple templates in one equation.  Selected template text is added to the Formula Text field [2]. You can also manually enter an equation in the Formula Text field.

If the LaTeX in the Formula Text field is valid an image renders in the Formula Preview field [3].

If you might re-use this equation, you can add information to the Metadata section [4]. Add a title, and any alternative text for the formula so that a screen reader can explain it verbally when it appears in an item.

To add the equation to the item, click the Submit button [5].

Enter Equation Manually

Add Equation Manually

You can also add an equation without using the equation editor. In the Equation tab, enter the equation in the Add Equation field.

View Equation Preview

View Equation Preview

As you type, the equation displays a preview [1].

To add the equation, click the Add Equation button [2].

Enter Inline Equation

Add Inline Equation

To add inline equations, ensure the Text tab is selected in your item's element and click the Text Editor link [1].

Enter the first part of your text, just before the equation [1]. Select the Equation tab [2]. Click the Create button [3] to make a new equation, or select an equation [4] that is available.

Create a New Equation

If you click Create, the Equation Editor opens.

If you might re-use this equation, enter a title in the "Title" box [1]. If you want a screen reader to be able to explain the equation verbally, you can enter something into the "Alt/Aria Label" field [2]. In the "Formula Text" section [3], click on a template from those available [4].

The proper LaTeX formula appears in the Formula Text panel, and renders in the Formula Preview [5].

Ed the variables as needed.

To save and go back to the text editor, click Submit.

Note: If the equation displays on the next line of text, place your cursor after the last character of text of the line just before the equation and remove the space to bring it back in line with your text.

Add Text with Equation

Add Equation

To add your text with inline equation to your item's element, click  Add Text.

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