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You can find items by searching on item identifiers. You can search globally across all item banks, or you can search in a single item bank. You can also find items based on their status.

View Item Identifiers on Item List

View Item Identifiers on Item List

Every item in an item bank is identifiable and discoverable through its various IDs and its title.

On an item list page, you can view the following identifiers:

  • Title [1]: Based on a snippet from the item stem and is captured when you save an item.
  • Item ID [2]: Generated automatically. Shared by all versions of an item, if multiple versions exist.
  • Vendor ID [3]: A user-defined item ID, typically defined outside of ItemLogic; it is copied to a new version of an item. However, the latest versions of more than one item in an item bank may not share the same Vendor ID. Vendor IDs may contain any printable ASCII characters, but best practice is to use a combination of letters and numbers with hyphen, underscore, and/or periods as separators, if needed.

To see other item identifiers, click either the Item ID link [2] or the Vendor ID [3] link from the item list, to render/preview the item.

View Item Identifiers on Render

View Item Identifiers on Render

When you render/preview an item, other identifiers display:

  • GUID [1]: Globally Unique ID; unique to a version of an item.
  • Local ID [2]: Unique to a single version of an item; when there is only one version of an item, the Local ID is the same as the Item ID.

Open Item to Edit Vendor ID

Open Item to Edit Vendor ID

To edit or enter a Vendor ID, view other IDs, or edit the item, click on the item title from the item list page.  

View Identifiers for Multiple Items

You can obtain item identifiers for one or more items by going to an item bank list and selecting one or more items. Then, from the Actions menu choose Advanced > List Item IDs.

Use the drop-down menu to choose an ID to view.

Finding an Item in Any Bank

To find items in any item bank, use the search bar at the top of the screen. You can enter all or part of the title.

You can also enter any of the item's IDs or a complete standard into the search bar at the top of the screen.

Press ENTER after entering a value. Items from any bank that satisfy your search criteria are listed.


  • Searching in the top search bar by Item ID or by Vendor ID gives you all the versions of an item, if multiple versions exist.
  • The items that appear when you first click into the search bar (before you press ENTER) are items you have recently viewed or edited.
  • If you are searching by standard, enter a complete standard. For example, you could enter NGSS.SCI.6-8.LS4.2 (to find items aligned to this Next Generation Science standard) or CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.4.OA.A.1 (to find items aligned to this Common Core math standard). For more information about finding items via their alignments, refer to Adding Alignments

To find items by status or to find all items in all item banks, click the Item Status icon, located in the top navigation bar.

To find items in all item banks of a specific status, select a status/state:

  • My Drafted Items lists the items that you have drafted.
  • My Checked Out Items lists the items you currently have checked out for editing. 
  • All Checked Out Items lists the items that anyone has checked out for editing.
  • Needs Moderation lists items that you own and need to be moderated (ie. moved to the bank for others to see or sent back to the author).
  • Needs Approval lists items needing review.
  • Needs Revision lists items that have failed review or are in still "under review." 
  • Items I'm Watching lists items you have put a "watch" on.

Finding Items in an Item Bank

Select an item bank; or select an item bank from your home dashboard. Select the Items panel on the left side.

1 Search by Item ID Search the list for an item using one of its IDs, or a word in its title.
To find multiple items, enter each ID with a space in between.

Note: When searching by Item ID or by Vendor ID, only the latest version of an item is returned (if the item has more than one version).
2 Status The status of an item such as "In Development," "In Review," "Locked," or "Published." Hover the cursor over the icon to see what status it represents.
3 Item Metadata Title of the item and other details including the item bank title, item ID, last modified time, and additional actions such as "Render" or "Preview."
To edit an item, click the item to view it and then click the Edit icon.
To see an editorial view of the item and its metadata or a preview, click Preview or Render.

Note: The "list" display style also shows the item owner and item author.
4 Advanced Opens the Advanced Search. This is useful if you want to combine search criteria in a more complex manner. 
5 Clear All Filters Clears all filters and searches being applied to the item list.
6 Display Styles Items can be rendered in either a listed (mostly text-based), or a more graphical, grid fashion. The list style presents more information for metadata for each item, where the grid style is more graphical.
7 Page Select Displays number of search result pages and allows for selection of page number.
8 Curriculum Selectors When you make selections in all three of these drop-down menus, the item list shows only those items aligned with that curriculum and standard.
9 Create Filter... Allows you to select properties or tags on which to filter the item list. See Using Filters for more information.
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