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Adding a Passage


Passages are resources that you can add as contexts to an item. They can contain formatted text, images, and mathematical expressions. 

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Creating a New Passage

To add a passage as a resource to your item bank, use the following steps:

  1. Select an item bank.
  2. Select the Resources panel [1] to see all the resources, including passages.
  3. From the New drop-down menu [2], choose New Passage [3].

Give the passage a title and enter/format text for the passage [1]. Enter text of the passage into the space provided [2].

On the Properties tab [3], you may include:

  • Author name(s)
  • Description
  • Passage Language/Locale (if something other than English)
  • Text Complexity (Readily Accessible (RA), Moderately Complex (MC), or Very Complex (VC)
  • One or more grade levels for which the passage is appropriate
  • Passage Code
  • Lexile number
  • Flesch-Kincaid (FK) reading level value
  • Reading Maturity Matrix value (RMM)

Adding Images

To add an image to a passage, click in the spot where you want the image to appear. Then select the Media tab [1] and click a graphic or other media that is available [2]. Alternatively, to upload a media file, click Upload [3] and select it.

Adding Math

Similarly, to add mathematical expressions to the passage, click in the spot where you want the math to appear. Then select the Math tab [1] and click an expression or equation [2]. Alternatively, to create a new mathematical expression, click Create [3] to use the Equation Editor.

Saving the Passage

Click Save Passage when you are finished editing the passage.

Adding Copyrights

You may add copyrights to a passage by editing the properties. See Adding Copyrights for more information.

Adding Tags

You may add Tags to a passage. Tags are custom properties that are created and maintained by your group. See Applying Tags to Items or Resources for more information.

Additional Formatting

You can also apply special formatting to the paragraphs within a passage. Refer to Formatting Passage Text for more information.

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