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Managing Media Resources Overview


A resource is media material that you can use in an item. Resources include:

  • Passages
  • Graphics (gif, jpg, png files)
  • Audio clips (mp3 files)
  • Video clips (mp4 files)

Learn more about adding media as contexts for an item.

View Resources

To access the media resources for an item bank:

  1. Select the item bank, either from your dashboard or by clicking on the navigation bar, and choosing an item bank.
  2. Go to the Resources panel.

Resources that have been added to the item bank are displayed. Resources can be added to this list directly, but they are also added to the list when you upload them while authoring an item. 

Add a Resource

To add a resource, click New and choose a type of resource to add.

See Adding a Passage or Adding a Graphic, Audio, or Video for more information.

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