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Hotspot interaction (formerly Graphic Hotspot) presents a graphical interaction with a set of choices that are defined as areas of the graphic image. The candidate's task is to select one or more of the areas (hotspots).

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Here's an example showing six hotspots:

HotSpot vs. Select Point

ItemLogic supports two similar interaction types: Hotspot and Select Point. The difference between the two is basic, but important to understand:

  • Hotspot: The clickable portions of the stage must be made readily apparent to the candidate. In this interaction (above), the graphic designer superimposed airplane graphics on top of the map. These areas unambiguously indicate the selectable portions of the graphic. Multiple hotspots may be correct.
  • Select Point (formerly known as Graphic Coordinate): Clickable portions of the stage are not made apparent to the candidate, and there can only be one correct hotspot.

Creating a HotSpot Interaction

  1. In the item editor, add a HotSpot interaction type. (It can be found in the Graphic tab.)
  2. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "Select the airport that is located closest to the capital of Virginia.")
  3. In the field labeled HotSpot Response, upload an image, browse to one in your resources, or paste one in.
  4. Follow the steps for Creating a Hotspot Stage on the image. Place hotspots on your stage so it resembles the following graphic:

Defining Correct Hotspots

Continuing with the example above, the next step is to define which spots are correct and/or receive a score following submission. There are four hotspots. The correct response is Hotspot 3, but we'll also award partial credit for mistakenly selecting the airport closest to the nation's capital, which is Hotspot 4.. Select Hotspot 3 from the Select Hotspot drop-down menu. Then select Hotspot 4 the same way.

Customize Options

You can specify the number of spots a candidate can select. Click Options [1], and in the "Choices" section, enter a minimum number of choices that can be selected (Min) and/or a maximum number of choices that can be selected (Max) [2]. Click Save [3].

The candidate is then required to choose at least "Min" hotspots and no more than "Max" hotspots.

Custom Scoring

After selecting responses to score, you may edit scoring rules. To do so:

  1. Click the "Custom Scoring" checkbox [1], and then click Edit. Text boxes appear to the right of each hotspot.
  2. Assign a value to each of the hotspots [2] and click Save [3].

In this case, we assigned 1.00 point for the correct Hotspot 4 (near Richmond, VA), but still awarded 0.5 points to Hotspot 3 (near Washington, DC). All other hotspot selections will receive a score of -1.00 points (indicated by the Def field).

For more information about scoring, see Response Scores.

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