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Graphic Gap Match


Graphic Gap Match interaction consists of:

  • A set of gaps that are defined as areas (hotspots) of a graphic image.
  • An additional set of graphic gap choices that are defined outside the image.

The candidate must associate the gap choices with the gaps in the image.

To view a video on this topic, refer to Training Videos.


Follow by Example: If you want to follow along with the same graphics used in this example, download the file attached to this article (ShortToTallExample.zip).

Creating a Gap Match Interaction

To create a Graphic Gap Match interaction:

  1. In the item editor, add a Graphic Gap Match interaction type, located on the Graphic tab.
  2. Add content to your stem prompt (ex: "Put the objects into...").
  3. In the field labeled Hotspot Stage, upload or browse to an image and Create a Hotspot Stage. In this example, the tokens we will be using are rectangles that are 40px wide and 150px tall. Knowing this, place hotspots on your stage that are the same size so it resembles the following graphic: 

Adding Tokens

Next, add the tokens you want to provide for pairing to the hotspots. In the field labeled Tokens for Positioning, click Upload Image [1]. Select an image from your computer. 

Repeat this process until you have the tokens listed similar to the graphic below.

Defining Matches

Finally, define correct token/hotspot matches. Click the plus sign four times [1] in the Scored Matches section to define four associations.

Click Source [2], then select a token from the Select Token drop-down menu [3]

Click Destination and select a hotspot from the Select Hotspot drop-down menu. For this example, pair:

Token 1 (T1) to Hotspot 2
Token 2 (T2) to Hotspot 1
Token 3 (T3) to Hotspot 3

(These assignments may vary depending on the order you added tokens and hotspots.)

Removing Matches

To un-assign a token, right-click on it to convert it back to a placeholder.

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