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Graphic Associate interaction is a graphic interaction where the candidate's task is to associate the areas (hotspots) with each other by linking them with a line.

Note: The graphic associate interaction should only be used when the graphical relationship of the choices with respect to each other (as represented by the graphic image) is important to the needs of the item. Otherwise, use the Associate interaction type.


This article illustrates the construction the following sample item:

Follow By Example: Try this yourself! Download the nc-va-plane-route-4.png graphic attached to this article to follow along with this example.

Creating a Graphic Associate Interaction

First, create your stage. View Creating a Hotspot Stage for more information. Place hotspots on your stage so it resembles the following graphic: 

Define two associations you would like the candidate to make:

  1. Click the plus sign twice [1] to the right of the Hotspot Associations field to define two associations.
  2. Click a source or destination placeholder [2], then select a hotspot.
  3. In this example, pair Charlotte (Hotspot 1) to Norfolk (Hotspot 3), then pair Norfolk to Washington (Hotspot 4).

To un-assign a token, right click on it.

Preview the item and try it out: Click "Line" tool, click Hotspot 1, click Hotspot 3, then click Hotspot 4. 

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