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Authorization- Item Editor


You may also embed the item authoring tool inside of your platform to allow users to create new items and edit existing items. Users will be directed to a page that is physically hosted on the itemlogic.com domain, but it can be customized to have the look and feel of your platform to maintain consistency in the user's experience. You must be provisioned for this service, and additional fees apply.

Getting an Access Token

curl -X POST \

POST Fields

Name Description Type

ID of item UUID 
expires Number of seconds the token will be valid. This should be a very small number (e.g. 60 seconds). integer 
session JSON array of user information for authentication. Required fields are email, firstName, and lastName and clientId. If an ItemLogic account does not exist for this user, one will be created automatically. array 
redirect URL to which user should be redirected after the editing session. string

Sample POST Data

    "itemId": "557b5955-5c44-4fac-a4a1-0664c0a863c9",
    "expires": 60,
    "session": {
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "firstName": "Jon",
        "lastName": "Snow",
        "clientId": "23"

Sample Response

Here's a sample response for this command. You will notice that the only data returned is a URL with which the user you specified in the token request may access and edit an item. This link should be valid only for the requested user.


You should configure your platform to load a new tab (ex: target="_blank") containing an href to the link provided when the user invokes either an "edit" link inside of an item listing, or a "create item" button when authoring a new item.

When the editing session is completed by the user, the user will be redirected to the URL specified in the redirect parameter when creating the access token.

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